Home Projects to Help You Sell Your Home Quickly

So, it’s time to sell the house. But how do you make sure that you can get a fair price for your home? Here are some projects to help you sell your home quickly.

Financial Calculations

Whether you have had long-term ambitions to sell or simply are curious, knowing how much one's house is worth, and how much it could be sold for, is advantageous. There are a number of ways to calculate how much you could make. Online options abound, and you might also compare recently sold homes in your area. Perhaps the most effective method to land on a figure is to work with a real estate agent. They will follow the same method of analyzing comparative homes and take into account any home projects that you have committed to.


Our kitchens are a central part of our lives and our homes. A well-presented, modern kitchen can be pivotal in aiding a quick sale. However, you do not have to fully transform your kitchen. A modest remodeling has the potential to draw just as much attention from a prospective buyer. Focus your investments on the foundations of a kitchen. Install new, neutral countertops and backsplashes; fresh surfaces can give your kitchen a modern tone. Cabinets offer another upgrade option, as you might simply refurbish them by replacing drawer pulls and giving them an updated coat of varnish. If possible, add or upgrade appliances, as these can prove very appealing to shoppers.

Exterior Improvements

A house that looks good on the outside and has something known as “curb appeal” can be a big factor in securing a quick sale. Pay attention to your home's highlights and to any evidence of disrepair. Fix cracking, replace worn-out front doors and mailboxes, and add a fresh coat of paint where needed. Beautify your yard, ensure everything is neat and trim, and add plenty of color by arranging flower pots by doors or under windows. One of the most prominent parts of a house is its garage, so look to replace its door with one that looks immaculate. It can offer immediate payback when it comes to curb appeal.


No matter what type of flooring you have, there's no avoiding wear and tear. Carpets can have the added problem of going out of style. While they may reflect one's tastes, their appeal is unlikely to be universal, and can deter potential buyers. If you decide on changing out your flooring, it might be prudent to opt for hardwood. This is a lasting type of surface that comes in many forms, but is, crucially, neutral in color. Tiling offers a cheaper option, and can replicate the appearance of a wooden surface. Even if a potential buyer decides to introduce their own flooring, you are more likely to sell quickly with a classic look.


The bathroom is another place that can benefit from enhancements. As with the kitchen, this may require only a few modest upgrades. Are your faucets not as reliable as they once were? Replace them with modern alternatives. Does cleaning the sink no longer yield any measurable improvement? Change it out entirely to give your bathroom added sophistication. If your floors have seen better days, then add tiles to style up the room. Look to minor things, too, like recaulking, painting, and upgrading old light fixtures. Be sure when making these upgrades that you opt for neutral, timeless additions to ensure maximum appeal. These projects may seem modest, but they can be inexpensive ways to significantly impact the overall appearance of your bathroom.

With a bit of work and an eye for detail, you can get your home off the market relatively quickly. If you keep things classic, neutral and clean, you may be able to secure an offer in record time.

Courtesy of Suzie Wilson, who is proud to announce that her debut book, The Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Home for an Open House is coming soon to online retailers and bookstores near you!

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